Dental Extraction

Dental Extraction

Dental Extraction in Auckland

For distinct reasons, a dentist may need to remove a tooth or two. This is often done to reduce crowding in the mouth and make space for proper alignment of dentures, braces, or Invisalign or when milk teeth are not falling out on their own to make room for permanent teeth to grow. Before any tooth is extracted, a series of tests are conducted to ensure the tooth’s extraction is safe. We also make out the possibilities of using other methods to reduce overcrowding.

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Reasons for Dental extraction include:

In cases of trauma, we usually try to recover the tooth back to health by using various dental procedures. If this does not work, the last resort becomes extracting the tooth. In case of diseases, we initially try for restoration. When the health hazards caused by the presence of teeth are large, we resort to tooth extraction to prevent infection from spreading into the jawbone.

The human jaw can accommodate a limited number of teeth. When a number of teeth are present in the jaw, it may lead to crowding which has serious drawbacks. To prevent these drawbacks from overpowering your dental health, one or two teeth are removed. Such extractions make room for other teeth to develop and for aligners to fit in without any hassles.

Early removal of impacted wisdom tooth not only saves the patient from the pain but also prevents alignment and health of neighbouring teeth. This is usually done when the impacted wisdom tooth is not in the usual position and the roots have not formed yet.

For the permanent teeth to grow fully, the milk teeth must be removed. Usually, baby teeth fall on their own but when they don’t a child specialist dentist will remove teeth to prevent crowding.

At Fern Dental Family Care New Zealand, we understand that incorrect extraction of teeth can cause serious health problems, and thus, our team of dentists carefully examine a tooth before deciding on its extraction. We practice conducting thorough examinations using advanced technology equipment that not only make the process safe but also eliminate chances of human error.

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