White Filling

White Filling

White Fillings in Auckland

White fillings, or dental composites, are resins that are used to restore decaying or disfigured teeth. Such dental situations can totally hamper the natural smile. However, decaying teeth not just steal your smile, but also results in various complications such as severe toothache, infections or even loss of teeth. As such, these cavities need to be treated or ‘filled’.

Tooth fillings, in general, are the most convenient dental means to literally fill out the cavity and restore the functionality of your oral cavity. These fillings need to be as natural as possible, both in terms of tooth functionality and also the look.

White fillings are the most widely adopted tooth filling today. These resins are made up of a blend of powdered glass and plastic compounds and are usually white in colour to mimic the shape and appearance of the teeth.

After careful preparation, the composite is placed in layers over the affected tooth. This layered placement helps in making the structure of the filling more precise and complete. During the placement of the layers, each of them is hardened by a high-intensity light. The beam of light is passed from a special lamp and is directed at the teeth that are being filled. The intensity of the light dries out and sets the filling material in place without any chances of dripping.

Following the fabrication of the stack of layers, the bulk composite is shaped to look like a tooth. The filled tooth is hardened enough to function like regular teeth. Furthermore, it looks completely natural and merges with your teeth.

White fillings are in trend and are replacing the typical amalgam fillings. Research has noted the steady decline in the usage of dental amalgams.

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